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Thursday 6 August 2015

Real Life Issues

I am beginning to think that my new location for GHQ may have had a gypsy's curse laid on it! First Phil has to cancel a game as his wife was admitted to hospital, then Jon had to cancel a whole month due to work commitments and home issues. John went off to China on a holiday and Kevin went off on a cruise! I'm still here on my ownsome though and making use of the time painting and planning, as we all do I know when gaming is scarce. I thought that I'd post a few pictures of my recent work even though its a bit of a mixed bag and is still awaiting varnishing as the wet weather has knocked that back too! A building complex for the Indian Mutiny {and for Rhanzlistan} from Mutineer Miniatures and Ainsty ~

A few additions to the Late Roman army of Pompus Maximus, Foundry figures of course ~

Some Pulp Figures British Sailors. Depicted in temperate climate summer order I believe. The first five can serve as a boat's deck crew or gun crew, while the second five represent a shore party. I'll probably use them in my 1940's Zeelowe/Blandings games or in the 1938 VBCW ~

Finally, an ACW command vignette of Grant, Meade and their staff. The figures are from Dixon Miniatures of course. The seated figures from the train passenger set for the Western Gunfight games, while the table and chairs from the Saloon poker set. I can't find my sheet of printed maps since the move, but they will be added to the table when I find them  ~

I'm working on a Foundry unit of Late Roman Cataphracts this week, but its slow going as I'm not really fired up for it if I'm honest. I need a game to get the muse into gear I think. I really do hope to have something to show on the game front next week, hopefully a War of 1812 battle, but I'm a hostage to fortune at the moment as I said at the start. Fingers crossed we shall get the game in on Monday, so pop back next week to see how it went.


  1. You should really have bought that heather you know :-)

    Jolly good bits done in lieu of games though.

    1. I feel like I'd need to buy a bushel or two at present.

  2. Love the buiilding, and the Late Romans are looking very good!

    1. Glad you like the building, I wasn't sure of the colour on a bigger area. Late Romans are easy to tackle, I tell myself, but these cataphracts are so boring...