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Monday, 17 August 2015

Feeling foolish...

Because today I should have been over with Phil playing another of his splendid Eastern Front WWII games utilising his wonderful terrain and figure collection. Instead I'm sitting about at home nursing my bruises after a serious fall yesterday afternoon. Before my family pipe up, it had nothing to do with the wine I had with my Sunday lunch either! I just tripped over my own feet in the garden, but unfortunately chose to do it against the garden shed and onto a slate area, resulting in many bruises and cuts to the hand. So, no gaming, no painting, and no going out with Ruth, Arthur, William and Sue.
So, I'm feeling sore and sorry for myself! Here are some figures I finished earlier in the month to cheer me up! Hope you like them. They are Foundry Late Romans for my C4th army of Pompus Maximus, firstly a mounted commander for the Heavy Cavalry and two artillery pieces ~

Next, a unit of Cataphracts, combining heavy armour with bows. Slow to get into action, I know, but pretty hard to defeat I've found. Flag and shield transfers by LBM of course ~

I didn't enjoy painting these, I have to be honest. Too much metal seemed to intimidate me with choice of finish. Also, if I'm brutally frank, the castings of the horses were uninspiring, the legs of two or three were very thin. The poses are old hat now, with nothing new to excite. Unfortunately I've found it hard to find compatible figures to these amongst more contemporary ranges so I am padding out the army with extra Foundry units, but spreading the painting over a longish period so I don't give up! {At present I was painting some early Austrian Grenz as Rohan Freikorps for the Wars of the French Revolution project and had hoped to finish them this week and get a unit of Light Archers done for this army, but yesterday's events rather put the mockers on that!}
Still, on the bright side, our eldest grandson Arthur is here with us for a few days and then we are going down to see Matt, Sarah and Reuben, so hopefully I'll be both fit and able and energised to finish on my target before the 31st of the month. Now, time to put my feet up again...


  1. Get better soon David, do you need to borrow a zimmer from the nursing home?

  2. No it's fine Dave I have one here for him next week :-)