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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Action Replay!

Well, I really should have known better. After all, on Match of the Day the 'Action Replay' never alters the outcome, despite a fan's best hopes. I'd left the Sudan War game table set up in GHQ after last week's game with Jon, as Phil had expressed an interest in playing the same game on his regular Monday visit. Hoping for a different outcome, the forces of the Barmy Bhykli once more set out to prevent the Imperial column from relieving the besieged Egyptian garrison {On the table just for the 'look of the game' rather to to take part of course.} As before we used my A Good Dusting rules. A few pictures of the unfolding events in what, in the end, turned out to be quite a close game ~
The Camel Corps engages the first of the Beja tribesmen

Beja mounted on camels encounter the enemy cavalry

More Beja are seen rushing into the attack

Things look grim from the Egyptian perspective

Hordes of Beja sweep down on the Imperial infantry

The South Staffords come under heavy attack

Despite losses the Imperial cavalry sweep away the Beja attackers

Heavy losses for the Imperial Relief Column but they press on and relieve
besieged garrison

Despite several notable successes I was unable to press home my advantages at key points in the combat. It seems I must sacrifice once more to the Dice Gods as they deserted me when I had the upper hand. Phil remained calm in adversity and, at key moments, produced some devastating fire or stubborn hand to hand fighting to repulse my forces. A close game but a decisive win in the end for the forces of Empire!
Our next run out here will be in two weeks' time, as I'm off to Godalming to see Matt and his family. Jon and I will be playing a Rapid Fire WWII game while Phil and I have settled on an Ancient battle, so I've been busy painting up more Late Romans which Sue kindly bought me last summer. One new unit was finished yesterday and a second is already underway, so I hope to have a larger force available for our game with a following wind.
At this rate I shall have levelled my own Lead Pimple sooner than I thought! Now there's a scary thought...


  1. Splendid pics of a splendid game, despite all the Imperial hardware at your disposal you are always feeling on the edge has an Imperial player, in games of Good Dusting you certainly need your pluck in abundance.

    1. Thanks for that Phil! See you on Monday!

  2. Really a superb-looking game. :) I love seeing the Redcoated South Staffordshires in the middle of all those miniatures.

    1. Those are our local regiment Anna. Once again they sold themselves dearly for Queen and country.

    2. That is AWE-sum, Phil. :D

      I shall have to paint one of mine in red as the South Staffordshires in honor of your group. :)

    3. They are present as appropriate in all my armies Anna. I was born in Lichfield, the home of the Regiment, and have always had an interest in their history.

    4. I like that, David. :)

      I think I'll trace my family back, see where in England we're from. :)

  3. A great looking table, beautiful minis and fortifications...

  4. Another great looking game David! Maybe 3rd time a charm?