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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Additions and Acquisitions

A few things which I've acquired in the last few days and some of my more recent efforts with brush and paint are the subject of today's post from GHQ. Firstly, two items picked up cheaply: the first a 1912 Rolls Royce with Barker coachwork which will be just fine for Pulp games anywhere as well as in 1940's Blandings scenarios; the second a ruined building made of hard foam and prepainted and flocked ready for the table. The first was £2.00 in a local Collectors' Market I often visit, the second was £4.00 from a table top sale at Partizan on Sunday last. I seem to be on a bit of a roll with these hard foam terrain features recently!

Moving on to the painting progress I mentioned right at the beginning, I have been working on two new cavalry Regiments and two command stands for the Wars of the French Revolution project. For my Austrians I've added a regiment of Cuirassier, the First Regiment, using Eureka figures which Sue kindly bought for me after our New Zealand trip ~ I'd tried to buy them over the web and have them sent to the final hotel on our trip but Nick felt that the postal service was too unreliable in such a tight time frame.

The second unit is for the French army I'm building up and is a unit of Chasseur a Cheval, the 10th, wearing the early Tarleton helmet and are from Wargames Foundry ~

The final addition to the project is an Austrian cavalry command base, made up of a Front Rank general {yes, I know the uniform is from a later period} and a Wargames Foundry cuirassier from the early Napoleonic collection, a character pack with two wounded cuirassier and a wounded Dragoon.

Finally, I'd like to thank all those who wished me a Happy 65th on Sunday, either in person or on the web through Facebook. I've decided to celebrate by taking a break from painting 1790's figures and have broken out my Late Romans and Early Saxons to bulk out the army of Pompus Maximus, my Late Roman general! They are all Foundry figures, chosen while I'm in the run of painting smaller figures!


  1. A cornucopia of wargames yummyness there.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment,Phil.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks,Christopher. Always good to know what others think.

  3. Great work, David. That Rolls Royce is an excellent find. My wife receives a lot of stuff from NZ and she always says the NZ postal service is very good. Nic usually comes to Salute each year now, so if you need more Eureka stuff you can always pre-order it in advance and then I or someone else could pick it up at the show and post it on to you.


    1. Thanks, Giles. From you that is high praise and I'm chuffed! The local collectors' market has supplied me with heaps of gaming stuff over the years. I think Nick was rather meaning the time frame than the general unreliability; perhaps I expressed myself poorly. I would n't want to upset a Kiwi!