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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Keep on keeping on...

...the painting front, though at a pretty glacial pace of late. With all the who-ha surrounding Photobucket's changes/attempted extortion I've not been inclined to take pictures of newly finished figures and units. However, resolution is in sight after experimenting with Imgur and Microsoft and an apparent climb down by Photobucket, so some pictures are in order for those interested ~
British Marines 1793-95 ~ Trent Miniatures

Marine Command figures ~ Trent Miniatures

Warlord Games LDV with improvised weapons

Warlord Games LDV with firearms

Warlord Games German Heer 1940 Command and Panzer II

Footsore Miniatures Banker and Lady Moseley

Dixon Mniatures Union Cavalry

Closer view of ACW Union Cavalry from Dixon Miniatures

Warlord Games Vickers Mk VI and Renault tanks.
Like the Panzer II above these were a gift from long time friend and
modeler Ian Bottrill.
There is a bit of history behind the Dixon ACW figures. Sue bought them for me over two years ago at the Falkirk wargames show where they were part of a bereavement sale. At £1 each they were the bargain I could n't resist. I'm glad I finally got them painted this week. In fact they were so enjoyable that I've finished half of a unit of Confederate cavalry now as well!
Similarly with the Warlord Games tanks. I've known Ian since we met at College in 1968, I was even Best Man at his wedding to Ann. We meet up from time to time, as we did last Thursday, when he surprised me with a gift of a box of painted tanks and armored cars he'd made and painted for pleasure. Downsizing after a house move was the reason for them having to go, so I gratefully rehomed them in GHQ. The gift also included a Russian tank and Italian armored car, which Phil can repurpose for the SCW I think, and an ancient Roman cart which Pompus Maximus will commandeer for our ancient games in due course.
No more painting for me this weekend though. I'm off to see Walsall play Oldham Athletic this afternoon in our first home game of the new season, full of dread as to the result as we seem dire so far! Tomorrow Matt is coming up for Lunch with Arthur and Reuben and with Ruth, Craig, William and Emma joining us for Sunday Tea I've no doubt I'll be too busy for anything else! Still, there will be an ACW game in GHQ on Monday with Phil, if I've recovered in time and his hot air balloon did n't float away...


  1. Tethered and grounded Mr. B, see you Monday.

    Splendid progress on the toys front there.

    1. Glad you're back on terra firma! All the effort for one comment, hardly encouraging is it?

  2. What a lot of figures! The Trent miniatures are charming and the Dixon cavalry are great but my favourite is the vickers tank, I've a soft spot for 1930s tanks!
    Best Iain

    1. Charming? Now there's an old fashioned word you don't see applied to wargames figures very often.

  3. They look great. I particularly like the Marines.

    1. Thanks Colin. I think they turned out quite well myself too.