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Monday 14 August 2017

The Robinson Raid

Monday saw Phil and I settled early into GHQ for our anticipated ACW game, the last game here this month as I'm away next week and the following Monday is a Bank Holiday. I've recently completed a third Union cavalry regiment and am working on a fourth Confederate one, so I felt getting the mounted arm onto the table was a good idea to keep my motivation going. The scenario sees a Union supply column crossing the table, protected by a cavalry brigade. The Rebs enter from the far end of the table with their cavalry brigade and flying artillery. The Reb general is a 10, the Union general a 9 in Black Powder Command Ratings. Each side is supported by an large infantry brigade, which can arrive in any turn on a dice throw-off ~ the Reb brigade must enter though before the Union can. The uncertainty of the infantry arrival and the relative distances to be covered by each side conditions the Reb cavalry to be aggressive to have a good chance of a win. The Union wagons move at 6" plus a D x 6 and must always be protected by one Union regiment, staying within 3" of one of the wagons. I took the Union, Phil the Rebs. The situation after the first turn ~
The Union column enters and moves 12" along the road, screened by cavalry
and horse artillery.

The Rebs advance boldly, one regiment reaching cover behind the stone wall,
while Union cavalry dismount to cover the column's advance.

The curse of the newly painted unit strikes early on! Shot up by the Rebs
lining the wall and 'Whipped', and the paint was hardly dry!

In Turn 3 the Reb infantry advance on the column! Progress has been slow,
the Virginia mud must be to blame!

Reb cavalry gets behind the Union flank, but infantry can be seen at last
marching to the sound of the guns!

Further Union infantry heading for the fight! Union generals can be seen
checking the rules!

The Rebs seem to have the initiative by Turn 5 despite Union infantry
flooding towards the battle line.

In the nick of time the Reb cavalry is Disordered on the hill and Union
infantry begins to shore up the position.

As the Union infantry stabilizes the front the remaining cavalry mounts and
charges the enemy! "Follow me, boys!"

Sabres, carbines and pistols as the melee swirls around! The Union drives off
the Rebs!

A desperate throw of the dice by the Rebs almost tuns the tables but it slips
away from them cruelly as Union cavalry defeat them again! 
Meanwhile the boys from New York take up a dominant position on the hill
and the Reb infantry attack is halted by galling fire.

The Union supplies are safe at the end of Turn 9 and cannot be prevented
from leaving the table.

The Reb infantry attack stalled in Turn 9 and meant that the supply column
could not be prevented from achieving its objective and exiting the table.
A Union win!

A tense and enjoyable game for both players was our mutual opinion, with a favourable outing for the 'Glory Hallelujah' expansion rules for ACW Black Powder games. Most remarkably only one Command Roll was failed in the entire game, and that 'Blunder' provided a move in the general intended direction for Phil's Reb unit! We can't remember a similar instance ever in our games! On the other hand Firing dice were very mixed and Phil's Saving rolls were exceptional at times. But, Union cavalry winning melees, now that was unexpected given my track record!
Inspired by the game I've just finished another Reb cavalry figure and started the last one in the unit too! I hope to finish him off tomorrow now so I can get on with their bases. I'd like to have them finished before I go away for a break.


  1. A fine game indeed, disorienting the cavalry on the hill for two turns and then the infantry support really did for the rebel cause. With the one other desperate gamble doomed for failure, a steady win for the boys in blue, my senior moment not withstanding ;~)

    1. Senior Moments? I know all about those...

  2. Disordering, bloody spell checkers, hate it when machines do what they like.

  3. Replies
    1. Nice, another old fashioned word there. Are you all trying to tell me something?

  4. A great looking game David.
    All the best. Aly

  5. Beautiful, love the terrain and minis!

  6. Nice to see all that horse flesh on the table. Supplies Must Get Through!

  7. Excellent looking battle encouraging me to continue with my ACW project. Ta my birthday soon sonconsidering getting Black Powder and the supplement 😀

    1. Thanks Matt! Glad it has encouraged you, despite all that plastic!