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Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Slight Diversion

As I said over on my Rhanzlistan Blog, I just could n't face painting the second Indian Infantry unit so soon after completing the last one ~ same figure, same pose, same equipment, different head, you know how it is. Delving into the 'Ready to Paint' drawer I plucked a unit of Dixon ACW Rebel infantry and a Brigade Command Stand to occupy my spare moments in the second half of the month. I've decided to paint up Georgian units for Semme's Brigade, McLaw's Division of Longstreet's First Corps.
{Now there appears to be an issue between Blogger and Photobucket (and possibly AOL) because the pictures edited in Photobucket and uploaded into Blogger somehow revert to the original unedited versions in the Post. Not only that but the layout is all over the place too! No doubt some nerd with nothing better to do has cocked it up, again...}
Anyway, here are the remaining pictures. I hope they will illustrate why I prefer the Dixon Miniatures to other manufacturers, giving a vignette feel to the bases with the wide variety of poses and faces on offer ~


I would have expected to have painted more than this single unit and command base, but I got sidetracked into painting some of my Victorian buildings from Oshiro Models for my Great Detective Pulp Games. I've managed to paint a terrace of three two storey homes, a warehouse and a chapel ~ St Edith's Mission to Seamen and Fallen Women! More on this project in a future Blog entry.


  1. Neat looking unit, first pic looks like it's in wide screen though. Remember sitting through a showing of Tony Richards, Charge of the Light Brigade like that at school once.

  2. Its a matter of browsers apparently...