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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Action at Blandingsford

Earlier in the week Jon and I met up here in GHQ for an ECW game, using my own 'A Crowning Mercy' rules, available exclusively from Caliver Books. I took many pictures of the game, which Picture Manager promptly trashed in the editing phase! I have just four left!!! They don't really show the full extent of the game, but here they are anyhow. {I think that computers and I don't get on really!}

Lord Emsworth and his Council of War prepare plans for the defence of Blandings Castle.

The great gun, Constance, commands the main approach to the castle, well defended by gabbions and earthworks and manned by stout fellows one and all.

The southern ford is covered by Gell's Foote and by a field piece, all protected by gabbions and earthworks.
Gilbert Talbot's Foote and Marmaduke Robinson's Foote move forward to support the attackers at the bridge, while Sir John Whyte's Horse move around the left flank trying to find the crossing point and flank the defenders.
The game is scheduled to last nine turns, after which a D x 6 is thrown by the Royalists to determine the number of extra turns available. The Royalist objective is to prevent Lord Emsworth making off with the plate destined for Parliament's treasury. Lord Emsworth may not evacuate the plate in convoy until the nine turns have elapsed. {If the Royalists have not already captured the plate that is!} The castle is defended by a moated river, crossed by a stone bridge in the centre, with two hidden fords, one at each extremity. Only the Royalist Horse can search for the crossing points. Each turn they are on the bank in position throw 12 D x 6 to determine the score needed to find the ford. The Royalist player throes two percentage dice, needing a score equal or less to locate the ford. Each unsuccessful attempt reduce the number of D x 6 by one dice in the next turn.
Lord Emsworth's defender consist of two regiments of foote, some dismounted dragoons, a marksman, a siege gun and a field gun. The Royalist attackers have three regiments of foote; two troops of medium horse, two siege guns and a field gun. In addition the assault force to seize the bridge consists of a Forlorn Hope, a Petard, engineers, dismounted dragoons and dismounted horse.
Emsworth wins if he holds out for nine turns and then evacuates the plate. The Royalists win by seizing the plate before it exits the table.
Our game lasted the nine turns, but Jon had already got horse and foote across both fords and to compound my misery threw a 6 for the number of extra turns. One troop of horse overran the convoy before I could get it away in turn 10! Normal service resumed...


  1. More tactical trouble with marksmen defending rivers David! Or is Phil just using special amphibious techniques you are not aware of? Anyway, the pictures that did make it look like it was a great game. Still need to have a go with your ECW rules as they look to be quite good.

    1. Neither, Joe! I am just playing very badly at present. My stats for 2013 would embarrass anyone...
      Look forward to hearing how my ECW rules work out for you. Cheers!