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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Insurrection at Market Blandings

On a roll with BOLT ACTION games, Jon and I decided to try a game set in the fictional Very British Civil War of 1938. Of course, the setting had to be around our own fictional town of Market Blandings, from P G Wodehouse's Blandings novels {currently being shown in a BBC version}.
St David's, the Parish Church, was soon the scene of fierce fighting between the forces of Edward VIII and those of the Princess Elizabeth.

Under the watchful eye of the Princess, Lord Emsworth leads the Estate Militia into the attack in the centre, finding himself opposed by elements of the Kings Own Shropshire Light Infantry.

The King, advised by Wallace and Winston, instructs the commander of a Vickers VI Light Tank as it moves to the flank.

Quickly the Market Blandings LDV move forward in support of the attack on St David's, while the crew of the Smith Gun prepare to take on the enemy tank...

In the centre of Market Blandings a MMG position commands the approaches, supported by more Regulars. The forces loyal to Princess Elizabeth find their advance bogged down...

On their right flank the Estate's Militia finds its advance disrupted by the enemy's tank. The Smith Gun crew fail to score any penetration on their several hits!

Luckily the enemy's 3" mortar was a little off target too!

In desperation, Private Bykleigh rushes the tank with nothing more than raw courage and a bottle of petrol!

The end soon comes for the Princess's forces, driven back on their right flank with heavy losses, despite Private Bykleigh's futile gesture!
The remaining few heroes scurry away to fight another day, while the King and his forces advance on Shrewsbury.

Our first venture into the crazy world which is the Very British Civil War was really enjoyable for both of us. Fighting was vicious, as you'd expect in any civil war, but we both maintained cordial relations across the tabletop battlefield. On balance the game was great fun and I think we shall visit this genre again in the coming weeks. Now, on to Bolt Action WWI at Phil's tomorrow!


  1. Splendid looking game, lots of fun was had by all I expect.

  2. Love your Blandings stuff - very inspiring! I am now determined to get working my Home Guard, more early Jerries and VBCW...
    Any chance of a closer look at the town of Market Blandings and characters at some point?

    1. Thanks for te kind words. I'll see what I can do about the characters. As to MB itself, there's not much to show, just some Scenix buildings, an old Battleground church and a farm made from various Hovells and Gallia bits; oh, and Blandings Castle itself of ancient provenance from a B&B.

  3. Hello David:
    Great fun, I am enjoying all this VBCW stuff. I second the call for more close ups of your characters.
    I have that same model church, it's one of my favourite terrain pieces.
    Great looking game.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'll see what I can do about the characters.