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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Somewhere in Northern France...

I played a Bolt Acton game here in GHQ recently with Simon, a chum from football who games occasionally when his hectic work schedule permits. The objective was to capture and hold a ruined farm. Simon took the B.E.F. and I took the Germans.
A general view of the table early in the game.

Early in the game the dice draw favoured the B.E.F. and they were able to occupy the farm complex. Both tanks suffered a knock out blow early on too!

While the German left flank made progress through the woods the right found itself facing a killing zone and was unable to make progress. The centre provided sustained fire support against the defenders, but did little damage to them!

The Germans managed a temporary toe hold in the farm complex, but both their left and right supporting elements were driven off or destroyed. Ejected from the farm by overwhelming enemy fire, the remaining German forces withdrew to fight another day...

The farm complex I made using Hovells ruins, Dovecote, Eastern Front fencing sections and shell craters. The cobbled yard effect is a 'sample' of textured wallpaper from a DIY store. The explosion markers are kapok lightly sprayed black and mounted on MDF bases. The figures in my collection are mainly Foundry, with a few BEF/Warlord, with some Days Gone By prepainted vehicles in support.


  1. Another set of rules that I must look into sometime. They seem to produce some good games from what I've seen of them on various blogs.
    Thanks for posting.

    1. The rules are good, simple and fast to learn, not very complex. Some would call it historical light gaming. Still it is full of flavor, enjoyable to the average wargamer and half the rules and complexity of other games. Heh, sounds like a beer!

  2. Great BATREP, scenery is very nice!

  3. Cracking looking game you had there, how many bits did you miss ;-)