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Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Siege of Pyddle Down manor

A recent game between Phil and me to celebrate the publication of my new ECW rules, A Crowning Mercy, available from Caliver Books, a siege game from our ongoing campaign in Staffordshire, the Great Siege of Pyddle Down Manor.

A General View of the Hasty Defences of the Manor



The enemy gather for the assault

A mortar shell sets the Manor roof ablaze
A Council of War considers the defence of the Manor

A mine explodes under the corner of the outer defences
The defenders are forced back and the outer defences breached

Royalist Foote storm into the outer defences

The Manor ablaze Obadiah Bykleigh must seek the mercy of his enemy

 Sorry about the layout and caption mess, Blogger seems to back to its stupid tricks!



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  1. My Lord Rawnfley doth love the fmell of burnt manor in the morn. He also recommends without bias :-)said rules for the conduct of this warre without enemy.