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Friday, 29 June 2012

Taking to the waters...

I don't seem to have been as productive this month here in GHQ as I might have been. I'm not really sure why, but its just the way I've been I think. I'll put it down to age, or the weather, or whatever... I've painted 59 figures this month, for a number of my ongoing projects. They include three cavalry and six Forlorn Hope figures for my ECW project, all Perry Miniatures this time. I've also managed: three Union generals, and a table, for the ACW project ~ Dixon figures of course! ~ three Boers from Empress for my AZW/1stBW project; and, the Partizan freebie of Princess Elizabeth. My main effort has continued to be completion for the F&IW project, so we can get some game practice in with Sharp Practice. The latest addition is a war canoe for the Paddoquoi.

These come from Redoubt's fine range of F&IW figures. The set features four paddling natives and two 'character' poses for the bow and stern of the canoe. I ditched one of the paddling figures for a kneeling firing pose from the firing line pack.

Partly this was for the better 'look' of the piece and partly as I had three paddling out left and one only right! Not a major issue, as I had the figures to hand, but I have subsequently found the same configuration in my second large war canoe set! I have again ditched the extra paddler for another kneeling firing pose.

One of the two paddling natives poses in the set ~ I have two of these spare, for now...

The other paddling native pose!

I like the Redoubt F&IW range more each time I paint a few of the figures. Undoubtedly, judging by a few of the castings I have,some of the moulds must be a tad worn, but if they corrected that fault I'd think they would compete with any range. I've had no trouble getting by with them anyway and am working on the second canoe set now, alongside the last of the Forlorn Hope figures.
Games wise, I feel I ought to gloss over the month! P 6 W 1 D 1 L 4 ~ more relegation form than champions league! The sole success was in a BP ACW game at Jon's (See previous post), my most recent defeat a RF2 game yesterday when my hotchpotch of Germans failed to stop the British airborne under Jon taking the high ground and shelling my HQ!!! My sole purchase to have arrived in time to be logged for this month was some tufts, from the New Modellers Shop in Peterborough ~ ordered after 4.00 pm on Wednesday, here at 9.30 am on the next day! Can't have better service than that! Now, just have to glue two or three tufts to each of the bases of my rebased Sudan War collection!!!!!


  1. Fantastic! Excellent models, painting, terrain and photography - inspiring. Dean

  2. Love your canoes David and think you have made the correct decision adding the shooting figures, they certainly add more character to the vignettes.

  3. They are great. I have a couple of them along with a few whale boats.

  4. Grand stuff, the chappie firing really sets the thing off.

  5. Thanks, folks! The second war canoe set is almost finished now.