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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Last of the Paddoquoi

What with all the time I've spent on writing and testing ideas for my new ECW rules, painting has become a little bit of a peripheral activity here in GHQ of late. While I have completed a base of Boers for my ongoing  AZW/Boer War project and a base of Horse for my ECW collection, my main effort has been on adding some British and French Regulars to my F&IW collection.
The British prepare to fire...

The French make ready...

These are Redoubt Enterprises figures. Not perhaps the best, but nicely posed and very paint friendly I've found. Of course, the range is quite extensive, so you can be sure of getting most things you'll need for your games. On the down side, one or two of the figures show signs of mould wear and leave a fair bit of cleaning up. But, on balance, recommended!
Some British Infantry in Light Kit for woodland fighting.

Robinson's Rangers, a mean bunch of frontiersmen.

French Irregular Coureurs du Bois.

Paddoquoi warriors.

Chief of the Paddoquoi

I intend to play these games to learn the Sharp Practice ruleset from TFLs' stable, until I can find time to write my own of course. I have two war canoes and their warrior crews to finish and it will all be ready; until I buy some more figures that is...


  1. Great looking figures, very pleasing to the eye.


  2. Nice work, redoubt does have a nice offering in this period. Very tempted you naughty David

  3. Splendid stuff DB, keep at it.

  4. Nice! You're quite beginning to get the knack of this painting malarkey ;-)

  5. Lovely work David, thank you for sharing.