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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sir Marmaduke Robinson...

...a staunch, if not stout, Royalist commander!
He's the Warlord Games 'Gustavus Adolphus' figure from their 'Pike & Shotte' range of figures. I've painted him to represent Phil's Royalist character figure in our games, Sir Marmaduke Robinson.

Perhaps a better view of the figure and my efforts to paint it.
The character even has a back story, being created 1st Baron Rawnsley on the Restoration of His Majesty King Charles II in 1660, in recognition of sterling service during the late unpleasantness...
He pops up in all our games from the American Revolution, the Seven Years War,through the War of 1812 to the high pomp of Queen Victoria's {Gawd Bless 'er!} "Little Wars" in India, Natal and the Sudan!
Quite a stirring life for a little lead fellow...

Those of you who know Phil may recognise the similarities between the man himself and his little lead alter ego...or perhaps not!
Next up will be a figure for Sir Jon Whyte, another long lived character in our games...


  1. And very nice he looks too David!
    Personally I love getting characters involved in my games if possible and they almost generate a little life of their own, or perhaps I should just get out a bit more?

  2. No, Dave, You don't need to get out more. Characterisation adds to the overall fun, and that IS what its all about for me.