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Thursday, 8 March 2012

"Bull Run to Gettysburg" battle

This week we've played two games in GHQ of "Bull Run to Gettysburg". On both occasions I commanded the Union forces: winning one and loosing the other, against Phil and Jon respectively. Both games lasted a little over two and a half hours and encompassed about ten to twelve moves, pretty much the average for our ACW games over the years.
The North Carolina brigade entered from the South West. {For those interested the buildings were made by Dave Paddock under the Architectural Heritage label. The pailing fences, and trees you'll see in other pictures, by The Last Valley and I made the corn field from an old artificial Christmas tree.}

The South Carolina brigade, supported by a Virginia brigade, entered from the South East. Almost all my ACW figures are the wonderful Dixon Miniatures, with the occasional Redoubt figure and even an Old Glory figure somewhere in the Union ranks.

A Union brigade of New York and Pennsylvania troops formed the left flank of the attack, supported by artillery. {Stung by a previous comment, I've begun to purchase limbers, horses and crew to add to the visual appeal of artillery on the move. In the meantime, we'll make do...}

Meanwhile the Union left, comprising the Iron Brigade, found itself surprised by a Rebel attack made through the corn ~ easily "...as high as an elephant's eye!"~ at least that's my excuse! {I've just broken up these fields to base them on more 'troop movement' friendly bases for our next venture into the ACW.}

With the objective of seizing the crossroads near Moore's Homestead the Rebels secured a comprehensive win today, as I was quite unable to hit a barn at any range and my little lead heroes were decidedly unwilling to risk the cold steel anywhere along my line...  The deciding moment was when the 24th Michigan broke in rout and the remaining units nearby decide to retire in sympathy...

...You can see them on their merry way to the rear in the centre of the final picture. {The fences were made by Phil and I many moons ago for display games, back in the day when I could hear what I was being asked by interested folk.}


  1. That's a fantastic looking battle! I really like the last photo. Some very nice terrain. Well done.

  2. Splendid photo's there, glad to see that Jon was able to reverse my dismal performance of Monday and lead the boys of Dixie to victory, hurrah!for Bobbie Lee and Johnnie White.

  3. Twas a near run thing. Daves poor shooting on turns 2 & 3 and my eventually winning initiative at a vital point won the game for me. That combined with good Generalship of course ;-)

  4. Nice looking game chaps and I have to agree with you David, the Dixon range of figures are terrific, great movement and virtually no flash or mould lines to file off unlike some other ranges.

  5. Thanks for the comments folks. Yes General, there are NO ACW figures to rival Dixon for character or historical accuracy, in my opinion at least...