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Friday, 6 January 2023

Imperatoria Familia

Here in GHQ the New Year has seen my application to painting figures from the Lead Pimple being much the same as it was when the Old Year finished, and that leaves much to be desired in my view. So, in an effort to shake off this lethargy, rather than break out a new regiment for my SYW expansion project I selected the remaining figures from the Warlord Games set of Roman civilians. You may recall that I previously showed the two I had completed from the set, a begging veteran and an officer making an offering to those pesky Dice Gods, but if not, I'll pop them in here to refresh your memory ~

The remainder of the set make up a more domestic scene to grace a villa or camp setting, perhaps the Imperial household of old Pompus Maximus or the earlier Consular household of Coronus Cunctator?

Finally a formidable looking figure. Perhaps a bodyguard or hired help, a Celtiberian chieftain or champion perhaps?

These made a nice break over the New Year, but now it's back to the SYW expansion project. Rather than kick off as intended with the new Hanoverian force I decided to tackle the last French infantry unit, a second regiment for the Gardes Suisses. More on them hopefully later this month.


  1. A good start to 2023 with fine additions the Roman collection.

  2. An excellent group David, very tempted to get them.

  3. How many French and English regiments do you have presently? I just started my foray into black powder and I'm not sure how many regiments i need to have a satisfying game. I have 6 completed infantry battalions and 3 cavalry regiments of seven years war Prussians and I'm working on my fourth Austrian batalion.

    1. Simple answer, too many! Hard to say really, but probably in order of 12 British infantry regiments, 5 Hessian infantry regiments, 7 British cavalry regiments. More French, I like the flags!!!

  4. A very nice looking set there Dave.... I've been pondering on what to do for a camp for my current project. This has certainly given me ideas! Nice work!

  5. Very nice David…

    The young lady certainly looks like she is the boss of the household…

    All the best. Aly