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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Slow, but steady progress...

...on my latest addition to our Italian Wars project, a second Landsknecht pike block. As it worked out, these Warlord/ProGloria figures were the first figures I bought for the project last year, on a whim really. I’m not even sure which show I bought them at! As things turned out, I was more taken with the TAG figures I bought in December, so they languished in the RUBs housing my Lead Pimple until their moment in the sun arrived!

So far I’ve managed fourteen pieces for the base. The plan had been to leave space on the front of the base for six handgunners, from TAG. That would have left just one more base of ten TAG handgunners to complete my side of the project.  Now I’m having second thoughts and may add more pike to the front of the base!
Of course, ‘as any fule kno’, no wargamer really ever signs off a project as complete, there’s always something coming along to be added at a later date, so who knows if I will get the itch to add more later?


  1. Yup!
    Very nice indeed.

    All the best. Aly

  2. Am I right in estimating your base size at 10cm by 10cm for this with your narrower bases being 10 by 5 cms? I very much like the look and am toying with the notion that I might turn my Macedonian and Successors army into several, with variations for each faction and actually be able to play a series of campaigns.

    1. All bases 100x50mm except Pike, which are 100x100mm. Based on Warbases bespoke sizes, but their Terrain base and vehicle bases are about the same. Oh and my Cesare is on a round base as the General. Sub generals are based as the rest of the army.

    2. Thanks David that is most useful and the solution will work not just for the NT rules, but for To the Strongest as well. A new lease of like to some 15mm as well as some of the ancient 28mm collectin is now in progress.