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Saturday, 14 April 2018

“The British are coming...”

...albeit rather slowly! For our usual Monday game Phil and I met in GHQ on Tuesday morning. A new carpet being laid in the lounge on Monday meant GHQ was then doubling as a furniture store, again. I hope that I have finally regained it for gaming now, at least until the post hip replacement operation, now scheduled for May 4th. Anyway, on to the game. I chose an AWI game using Black Powder as the ruleset. As usual in these games Phil, in his persona as Lord Rawnsley, commanded the British while I took command of the American rebels; old ‘Independence or Death’ Bykleigh once more hoping against experience for a decisive victory! In the end we managed to play eight turns before we ran out of time. I hope the following annotated pictures will tell the unfolding story of the Battle at Hogg’s Crossing for any interested followers or visitors ~
The humble dwelling of the Hogg family. Old 'Independence
or Death' Bykleigh surveys his position. Some upstart called
Washington lurking in the background.

The American left is defended by the Cavalry Brigade with some infantry &
light artillery support.

The forces of the Crown take the offensive in the centre while consolidating
on the left and right.

The 5th New York Infantry, supported by artillery, ready themselves for the
onslaught from the advancing British Regulars.

The American centre is under pressure, but the boys from Pennsylvania have
flanked the British in support of the 5th NYI and the first  attack is repulsed.
On the American right an advance has halted the Crown's attack for now.

The action in the centre of the American line, though Disordered the 5th NYI
hold their position and repulse the attacking Light Infantry.

The Crown's advance was hampered all along the front and al through the 
game by generally poor Command Rolls by Phil. I didn't complain though!

On the Crown's left flank neither Tarleton's Legion infantry nor the Hessian
mercenaries showed any enthusiasm for closing with their foe!

On the American right the Cavalry are repulsed, but at a cost. The infantry
step up to hold the line!

The 5th NYI, the Lions of Hogg's Crossing, steady their line as the next wave
of attackers gathers to their front.

On the American left the Crown's forces have largely faltered and now the
Americans advance to the attack. The Militia rather got carried away though.

The Crown's forces attack has largely halted, too much disruption from
Disorder and too many Shaken units hampered Phil's overall plan. 

The game is over! Its all up for the Crown's attacking intent. While the forces
of Liberty have held their ground they cannot deliver the decisive blow! A 
draw is the outcome.
As ever, Black Powder as a ruleset proved all we wanted from a game, delivering episodes of success and failure for both sides, aided by a number of Blunders on both of our parts. If we could have fitted in more Turns the Crown's forces may have rallied to the attack once more  the Americans may have won the day, it was difficult to say so a Draw pleased both of us on the day! Next up in GHQ will be a Sudan War game, again on a Tuesday!


  1. Great game. Looking forward to the Sudan next week.

  2. Good game. Maybe using BP for WOSS shortly at Kevin’s.

    1. I hope you will enjoy using the rules.

  3. Good looking contest as always.....I am avidly reading my BP rules for our first ACW contest next sunday🙂

    1. Don’t over read it, master the core elements first, like I wish I could...

  4. Great looking game David! Black Powder does give a good game.


    1. Thanks Christopher, and I agree on BP.

  5. Slowly, slowly, catchee.....................bloody nose, damn rebellious upstarts.

  6. Nice looking game Mr.B. and refreshingly all yours & Phil's own work.

  7. Lovely looking game, sounds like fun and with a reasonable outcome!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. I enjoy BP games, though I’m sure I get loads wrong but I don’t worry about it anymore.