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Monday, 19 September 2016

The Grand Old Duke of York?

Not exactly I have to say if I'm being scrupulously honest, but rather a new/restyled command base for His Majesty's Army in Flanders and the Low Countries. Two versions of the Trent Miniatures Irish Militia officer and one of the foot officers from the same company's range.~

A vanity, I know, but mostly harmless so I feel that  you will indulge me this one more time. 'The' head you will recall was sculpted by Matt and cast up as a favour by Trevor Dixon. While I was working on this base I also reorganised some other figures to give me a command element for the second British Infantry Brigade, again using Trent Miniatures figures. The officer nearest the camera is from the Irish Artillery set, the other from the set of British Officers. ~
I've also started on some skirmish bases for the British infantry, as previously only the 42nd/Dunwhinginn Fencibles had their own skirmish bases. I want the game to have an homogeneous look on the table, so British Light Company skirmishers are on the agenda at present. These two are the first, I should pick up the other figures I need at Derby Worlds ~

Again, Trent Miniatures figures using one pack of Longford Militia Light Company and the remaining two officers from the pack of four. Turning to the French, I want to add one further Battalion of Legere to my Demi Brigade, which I have taken the plunge with and ordered in from Brigade Games in the USA, sculpted by Paul Hicks, so making the 12th company to contribute to my project. In the meantime I have added two more bases of skirmishers for the same Demi Brigade using the left over figures I had from the 14th Legere ~

As it happens I have four more of these figures in the Lead Pimple so there may be a fourth base; after all you can't have too many French skirmishers really. Finally, and on a very different tack entirely, for my VBCW games set around 1938 Wolverhampton, a Stokes mortar and crew ~

The mortar is from the Great War Miniatures set I bought at The Other Partizan, the crew from Riever Castings picked up at Claymore last month. I'm working on a Leach catapult and crew now. The catapult is from Great War again, the crew from Riever but with the addition of the Woodbine Designs 'Bomb Makes' set. But you will have to wait to see that, sorry. I'll finish by saying that I have two of 'The Heads' left and am wondering in what game they might yet pop up. Any and all suggestions welcome.