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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Ministering to the Troops in 1914

Phil has almost finished his troops for our joint 1914 project. Its been a long slog fitting it around his commission work, family commitments and other activities, but we are nearly ready for a full game at last in GHQ. I decided to add a small set of vignettes to depict a Casualty Clearing Station, just to fill in along the back line of the table, an often empty area in games we have found. I bought a decent sized tent from Old Glory last year, and that will be the hub of the pieces. I've so far completed a Padre from Great War Miniatures  ~

Together with a small vignette from Woodbine Designs of 'Woodbine Willie' distributing cigarettes to a wounded Tommy ~

I plan to add the 'Casualty' set from Wargames Foundry's Great War range when I next pop over to their factory/shop in East Stoke. This should n't be too far in the future as I need to replenish certain paints too. I have an ambulance already, a die cast model I picked up cheaply a while back now, so taken all together it should make a nice set of pieces to provide some game infill. We shall have to see how we go beyond that then, although an army doctor and nurse[s] would be nice I think ~ all suggestions welcomed.