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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Forward into Battle!

Quite a brief entry, really the lull before the storm, as next week should see two games here in GHQ: a fourth SYW game, at Phil's request, using the old classic WRG 1685-1845 rules followed by an ECW bash  at Jon's request at the end of the week. A few pictures squeezed in here then of the latest additions to the Wars of the French Revolution collection.
Firstly, a couple of shots of my Reiver Castings British infantry ~

I bought these last year at the Carronade wargames show in Falkirk on a whim really. I wanted a unit to represent the British Guards and did n't want to paint another Trent Miniatures regiment at that stage. They sat in the 'to do' pile until this month when I realised I'd no more Trent Miniatues figures left to paint! I have really struggled with these I have to say; not that they are poor figures, more that my eyesight and motor skills don't seem up to their style. I really struggled with the fine details at times, so I put up a close up with the caveat that I know there are lots of mistakes, but it really was my best shot!
The last figures from Trent Miniatures lurking in the pile had been a few Irish Militia in firing pose. I'd also got some spare Front Rank officers and ensigns to add to them and made up a small unit of Hanoverian infantry. {I hope I'll be able to make them up to strength later in the year when I see Duncan at Partizan.} For now, in Black Powder terms, they constitute a small unit ~

Finally, the completed unit of Hompesch Mounted Rifles. I know they are out of period and theatre really, but I wanted an extra cavalry unit and they are something different, so you will have to excuse me with this one ~

For the project on the painting desk now I have some Eureka figures in the shape of two French limber sets in walking pose and a Caisson set in similar pose. I want to finish them this month so I can start the Front Rank British Limber sets. Why the hurry? Well, I have penned a long piece for Wargames Illustrated on this project and Dan is coming over to GHQ to take the pictures to accompany the article in late March, so I need to finish these pieces.


  1. Despite the angst I think those have scrubbed up really well and will add more character to the British force.

    1. Did you change your mind I wonder when you saw them face to face in GHQ today?