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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Sick Parade

Apologies for my absence from the Blog and the lack of news, but I have been confined to quarters for a couple of weeks with Hand, Foot and Mouth, which I apparently contracted via one of our grandsons. Was quite poorly for a while, and had a bellyful of DEFRA jokes when I was on the mend. The only plus out of it all was that I lost 9lbs, which I am attempting to keep off over the Christmas period!!! As a result of all this there's been no gaming of course here in GHQ and no painting. All I have to show for the month is one unit of British Dragoon Guards for my Wars of the French Revolution project. They are from Front Rank this time and were a very protracted paint job but the end result is OK I think. Judge for yourselves anyway ~

A couple of shots of the whole Regiment to show how they will look on the tabletop battlefield. This is my second Heavy Dragoon unit for the British. I'll probably add a second Light Dragoon unit sometime later in 2015.

A closer view, to reassure any of you who think my painting might have been improving! In fact I've had quite a few problems with my left eye loosing focus while I've been painting these. It slowed me down quite a bit, as did the illness of course, but I'm trying to paint a little now each day, although only some odds for The Great Detective game which I picked up from Black Pyramid Games at Wargamer last month.
Just time left now to wish all who visit the site from time to time


  1. Those look jolly nice old chap, good to see you on the mend and back painting too.

  2. And to you and yours from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland.