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Tuesday 22 April 2014

The Battle of Pender's Spring

Over the Bank Holiday break Jon and I got together here in GHQ for an American Civil War game. What follows is a photo montage of the unfolding action. We used my Bull Run to Gettysburg rules. The figures are all from my collection, mostly the excellent Dixon Miniatures of course, and the terrain dressing is from The Last Valley. The objective of the game is to control the central hill which 'dominates' the battlefield. The Rebs enter from the top right, the Blue Bellies from the left side as you look at the first picture.
The brave defenders of the Union march to glory

Rebel troops pour forward

Boys from New York rush to claim the High Ground

Both sides are trying to turn the enemy's flank

Struggle for the High Ground is developing

U S Bykleigh oversees dispositions of his forces

Fierce fighting has erupted along the line

Midpoint in the game shows the Union plan unfolding

Turning the Flank?

Pennsylvanians Forward!

The steady tread of the US Regulars reinforcing the centre

Vicious hand to hand fighting for control of the summit

Reb forces build on the Union left flank

Both sides vie for control in the centre

Union troops surge onto the High Ground

But their left is beginning to give ground

Trying to stem the tide, more Union troops advance

Though hard pressed, the Union troops drive the Rebs off the hill

It seems the Union left has stabilized

Almost looks like its all up for the Rebs now

But no, Union morale breaks under heavy fire

Troops flee to their rear and its all up for the Union's cause today!


  1. Onward, onward men to Codsall!
    Super game with the usual twists & turns. Thanks David for graciously allowing me to play Confederate (well who ever heard of Davey Reb).

  2. Great pics and words SUB, and hurrah! for Gen. B White and Dixie