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Friday, 4 April 2014

Some British Cavalry...

...and a slightly out of period command base have been added to my French Revolutionary Wars British force. Some Light Dragoons from Trent Miniatures ~

I've decided on units of six or eight for my cavalry arms in both the French and Allied forces. These were a bit of a challenge to my ageing eyes I'm afraid, so you must excuse the rather soft effect on the lacing, as the following closer shots should reveal ~

There are a command pack and a rank and file pack in the unit, the former comprising officer, trumpeter and guidon bearer.

For the 10th sources show the trumpeter in different head gear, but I reason on campaign things often go by the board! One thing I did n't like was in the troopers' pack one figure has a pistol, while two others have drawn swords in different poses ~

As far as I can see Trent only have one suitable mounted officer figure I can use with the British, albeit with three right arm variants, so I cast about for alternatives in other ranges. The main offerings were either from Front Rank's AWI range or from their British Napoleonic Peninsular War range. Both of course are 'out of period' for the 1790's, but in the end the AWI ones seemed a tad small to my taste so I took the plunge and ordered a few figure from their Early Napoleonic range ~

Purists and lace merchants will no doubt have a fit about my choice, but frankly I don't give a fig! I've reserved the Trent figure for the Allied Army command base, along with an Austrian and a Russian mounted officer. Other angles follow ~



I'm still waiting for the missing British infantry to arrive. Not the best advert for doing business with Trent, but I've other stuff to get on with in the mean time, so its hardly a serious matter, though it is annoying I have to say.


  1. Grand stuff, DB. I look forward to routing them, or getting them routed in due course.

    1. Thanks, Phil! It'll be a while tho yet before they are blooded.