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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Artillery, Light Infantry and Personalities for the Republican French

I have just managed to finish the first section of my French Revolutionary Wars project by painting up the last of my first purchase of Trent Miniatures' Revolutionary French {and a handful of Dixon Miniatures officers, for a command base, together with a Eureka mounted officer}. The latter two manufacturers are far from compatible size wise with the larger Trent figures, but, as the figures will inhabit their own base I see no real problem in using them in a game. First up, some French Horse Artillery ~

A Battery of Horse Artillery with Command

A closer view

Battery Command base

Some Light Infantry to start a second Demi Brigade, the 14th in their distinctive head wear ~

A few close up shots to show the character of the figures ~

The command elements, with mounted Eureka officer to the rear

One Flank Company

The other Flank Company

Dixon Miniatures Bonaparte & Staff


Staff Officer

The colours are a little washed out I feel, as I photographed them in strong natural sunlight, and don't do the shades justice really despite a little editing on my part. I've got the first British figures on the painting desk now. I hope to have that part of the project completed for May. Next to be added will be some more French figures I hope and then later in the year some Austrians.


  1. Coming along splendidly Monsewer B.

    1. Ta, Phil! Have four British infantry underway now too.

  2. Wonderful figures - love to see mirlitons - especially when their beautifully painted like these