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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Marching through Georgia...

...well, almost! A recent game here in GHQ pitted Jon, as Joe Johnson, against yours truly, in the guise of William T Sherman. As ever, all the figures are from my collection and are overwhelmingly from Dixon Miniatures ~ supported by a small number from Foundry, Redoubt, Old Glory and the long defunct Front Rank range {see if you can spot him!} The game also featured the on table debut of my personalised command figure {see previous post.}

And there he is, urging his boys forward to give those pesky Rebs the cold steel!

Those Rebs sure held a strong position, behind a stone wall and supported by a battery of guns.

Here the first wave of US Bykleigh's Division braces itself for the charge. Although the lead unit was repulsed, following elements of the Brigade pierced the Reb line, only to be thrown back in the final bound!

Over on the Union's right, fierce and prolonged fighting finally saw the Rebs thrown back in rout, but too late to influence what had developed in the centre.

The Rebs held a strong position, having seized White's Farmstead early in the game. Repeated attempts by a brigade of Colored troops were thrown back with heavy losses, while the Louisiana Tigers beat off every attempt to flank the position!
The game lasted twelve turns, with time sadly running out before a decisive result could be determined. While the Union carried the right flank, the Rebs held the centre strongly and were gaining the upper hand when a fourth brigade finally arrived on table on the Union's left flank in turn nine. We called it a draw, although I think both of us would have loved to fight on, it was so finely poised. As is usual, the rules were my own Bull Run to Gettysburg, published by Foundry, and as always enabling a fast and furious game to flow easily for those who know the rules well. Though of course, that's just my opinion...


  1. A cracking game. The look on DB's face when I commenced artillery fire 4 dice = 4 sixes - priceless! Sadly my luck didn't last .....

    1. Well, your shooting was better than mine!

  2. How cool is that to have have your little lead men lead by a little lead you. Though it didn't appear to inspire anymore :-)

    1. Agree, "its fun being down there on the table with the boys!"