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Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Battle of Paddock's Point ~ a War of 1812 Black Powder game

A game Jon and I played in the fairly recent past, set in the War of 1812-15 between the young USA and the forces in the British Canadas. The game used Black Powder as its rules, with some small modifications to the firing and hand-to-hand capabilities of the many Irregulars, Volunteers and Militia units. Jon took on the command of the American forces, while I commanded the British/Canadian force. Both sides started with some units off table, marching slowly towards the developing action, which we set in the area of one of the Great Lakes, at the fictitious Paddock's Point, the site of a small harbour and outpost, defended by a blockhouse and earthworks.
The table at the outset of the game, with the USS Brecher in the foreground ~

A general view down the table towards the developing British/Canadian attack ~

The earthworks surrounding Paddock's Point were defended by Volunteer units, supported by guns of the regular US Artillery~

Who were in turn supported by units of State raised infantry from Maryland and Pennsylvania~

The British/Canadian attack developed on two fronts: Regulars and artillery, screened by the Glengarry Light Infantry assaulted the works directly~

While a brigade of Fencibles forced a crossing at the bridge attempting to flank the American position~

Fierce fighting saw the British /Canadian forces drive the Americans from the woks, only to be thrown back themselves later~

The prompt arrival of Scott's brigade of Regulars threatened to turn the tide of battle for a while~

But the British/Canadian forces were not to be denied~

Soon what remained of the Volunteers were driven back to the harbour itself and the fort put to the flame~

Even the  valiant, hard fighting Scott's brigade of Regulars was broken as the American army melted away from the field~

In all the game lasted ten turns and the action swirled back and forth, both sides scenting victory and defeat in quick succession. Jon's saving throws were quite remarkable at times, but British pluck and tenacity told in the end, allied of course by some poor morale results at crucial moments which saw American units quit the field. All in all a grand game! Next up here in GHQ, an AWI game on 4 July!



  1. Very good aar. Thanks mate

  2. It's good to see an very ignored period being fought David, even I'm guilty and not had my troops out for ages, just too many other distractions. Keep up the good work, especially putting the land grabbing Americans in their place 8-)

  3. Loved the USS Breacher David!! Really Epic man! Tabletop setup!

  4. That looks a mighty fine game, nice to see a nautical element too.

  5. Thinking the USS BRECHER gave good support throughout...or at least evacuated the survivors! Pennsylvania (and those other States) will have its revenge on ye damndable British yet!

    Great game David. We have bee using modified BP for the SYW Hanover campaign and find it provides relatively quick, light and fun games.

  6. I agree, Joe: BP is a fine system and can be readily tweaked as required.