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Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Forgotten Army

Despite the hiatus engendered by the flu, I find I've made more progress with my Burma 1944 armies for Bolt Action than I thought. So, without more ado, the British force so far ~

The British force is comprised of Warlord Games Chindits

'Doc' Williams
First Squad


Second Squad

2" Mortar

3" Mortar

MMG Team

Anti Tank Rifle


'Mad Jack' Nash

Arthur John Nash, Burma 1944

Its as well to remember that while this is only a game to us, it is only possible for us to indulge our hobby thanks to men of my father's generation,like my Uncle Arthur who served in Burma during WWII. They never spoke much about the war and their experiences but they are the real heroes it seems to me.


  1. Great post. I'm considering looking at this war theater for the incoming IIWW skirmish rules by TooFatLardies

  2. Outstanding Figs as always David. Especially like Mad Jack – looks as though he may be due for his weekly dose of quinine and gin! Man after me own heart.

    1. Thanks Josef! I'm enjoying painting both the British and Japanese figures.

  3. Greate looking minis !

    Best regards Michael

  4. Those are progressing splendidly, I particulary like the Doc and Mad Jack. Nice thought provoking paragraph at the end too. I am looking forward very much to our first game with these.

    1. A matter of perspective missing on the whole from wargamers' accounts I find. First game in early June I hope: 38 figures and the village to do in May!