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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Forward in time...

...to Burma during WWII. The second of my small projects in my self styled 'Year of Being Japanese' is underway. Having finally finished the six Perry Samurai Phil passed on to me, it was time to get started on the 1940's version. We shall be playing small actions using Bolt Action rules. I've chosen mostly Warlord Games Japanese, which my son Matt sculpted in the main, supported by a selection of Brigade Games figures to flesh out the project. For the British I'm using Warlord again, mainly from the Chindit range. So far I've completed sixteen figures: eight for each side.

I used a fairly simple colour scheme for the Japanese: boots brown or black depending on type; puttees Khaki Grey, highlighted Khaki; trouser Khaki, highlighted Japanese Uniform: shirt Japanese Uniform, highlighted with an ivory mix into Japanese Uniform. The figure goes from dark to light as you move up. I think its worked well myself. The bases are railway ballast washed with Country Maple, with the usual static grass and clumps added.
I hope the close up of the officer illustrates the colour sequence.

A Chindit
 I've used a similar method on the Chindit figures, which I hope is illustrated by the picture above. In the case of the flesh tones: for the Japanese I used the Foundry Oriental Flesh triad, for the British Valejo Medium Flesh, washed with old GW Flesh Wash and highlighted with Medium Flesh again. I'm trying to keep everything basic but tidy, satisfying the 'three feet rule' rather than the 'painting fascists' who threatened to highjack the hobby. In general terms the paints are a mixture of Foundry, Valejo and Craft Store cheapos!
Now, for some reason bl**dy Photobucket deleted all the other photos I took, so I'll need to reshoot the other figures tomorrow and post them later...

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  1. Looking good Dave, as always a lot nicer in the real world yesterday rather than the cyber. I like the sniper. Have to agree on the painting police, it appears sometimes that a good clean basic paint job is a crime.