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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Marmaduke 'Gaylord' Robinson's Whitecoats

Robinson's Whitecoats drawn up for battle
I have completed the last of my additional ECW Foote regiments, bringing the total for both Parliamentary and Royalist armies to six Foote regiments. The final one is for Phil's 'named character' regiment, Marmaduke Robinson's Whitecoats. Figures are by Perry Miniatures, flags by GMB, bases by Warbases and tufts, etc from Silfor. The unit's bases are 80mm x 50mm, while the command stand's base is 70mm in diametre. {The latter does not fight or fire in my rules, adding to the look of a regiment I feel and signifying by its relative position if the regiment is moving or halted.}
The Regiment's command stand

The Pike prepare to advance
I had been tempted, as I am sure many others had, to perhaps add a unit or two from the new range released by Empress recently. However, having seen them on their stand at Warfare in Reading yesterday I have had to pass on that idea as they are far too large in my opinion to integrate with my predominantly Foundry/Perry armies. They will, I am sure, prove popular with those whose figure tastes tend towards the Renegade/Bicorne end of the size spectrum.
I especially liked the first cavalry releases, although I may be biased as they are mounted on the splendid Ebob horses ~ the hobby's premier equine sculpts in my view. But one thing I have learned over the years is that there will be someone out there whose views of compatibility between ranges differs wildly from mine and who will happily mix the new Empress figures into their forces. Horses for courses as they say...
Next up for painting during my reduced, but expanding, sessions are some British Napoleonic 28mm figures for my War of 1812 - 15 project. They are from the 'newer' Foundry Peninsular War range {which I know a lot of Napoleonic buffs were horrified by}. However, the set I'm using is a siege assault set ~ comprising two infantrymen carrying a ladder, one climbing up a second ladder and another firing up into the enemy above. I plan to use them in two vignette bases to signify assaults on walls and block houses. Really its just a short diversion after the ECW-fest of the last four months.
The last unit I'm hoping to tackle is a Dixon ACW Confederate infantry regiment, the 1st Maryland. I have recently bought a large number of GMB's ACW flags, with a view to upgrading the look of my armies, now that I've finished their MDF rebasing. I'll tackle that a Brigade at a time over the months of 2013 I hope. I expect ACW games may come to the fore here in GHQ in mid year, as another anniversary of Gettysburg rolls around.
I'll return to the subject of Warfare in a day or two, my poor swollen knee and calf are still recovering from the effort of attending the show, thanks to Phil the Chauffeur, so my 'Limp and Look' report will have to wait, its time for the ice again...


  1. Lovely work David. Now to have both sides on show.



  2. What pack code are the British siege assaulters? I can't seem to find them.

    Really like the like and shotte unit, nicely composed stands.

    1. You won't find them on the site I'm afraid. They are in the 'new style' Peninsular War Light Infantry collection that was not really trumpeted, along with early Saxon and Prussians too I believe. I picked the pack up for £5 at the last Open Day, just after the 'management coup'. I think you'd have to ring up and ask about availability.
      Thanks for the comment on the ECW unit!