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Friday, 30 November 2012

A Year of being Japanese...

...A Preview
As I finished this month's target unit, Robinson's White Coats for my ECW Royalist army, I decided to use the 'spare days' to prepare, spray, base and test paint some figures for next year's first project, a Samurai skirmish game. I bought the figures earlier in the year from Museum Miniatures and later added three packs from the Perry Miniatures range. I am building two Clans of about 30 figures and also will be painting the scenery and buildings I've acquired. Without more ado, let me introduce to you my Samurai Lord, Ono Onomoro, and his banner man ~

The scenic shrine in the picture is an prepainted Aquarium item I got from a local Garden Centre for £2.50. A good buy I'd say when you put it against regular wargames resin buildings! In the second picture you can see some of his retainers ~

I've chosen a muted colour scheme for the Ashigaru utilizing greys and browns in the main. Each figure for my faction has a red headband or sash, reflecting the main colour of my Lord {with blue for the second clan.}

For the second Clan, to be played by Phil and Jon in the main, I kept to the same scheme for the retainers but used blues and green for the Lord ~
I've also trialed some bearers, who will do duty on either or both sides, so they have no colour identification. I'm using Peaty Brown for them exclusively.
The banners for both Lords I made as an experiment using Word and some downloaded fonts. I think that I'll probably stick with these, for now at least, as I have no idea about genuine Mons and can't really be bothered to look for myself for such a small and infrequent game noone else will see.

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  1. Very impressive David. I look forward in seeing how this collection develops over time including game reports.