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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What a 'Carry On...'

Painting in short bursts, I've managed to finish the two Mutton Chop 'Carry On...' characters. I plan to include them in our 1940's Operation Sealion/Blandings Castle games in the coming months. Here they are, Sid and Charles ~

I've also painted the free figure from last month's Other Partizan show, some sort of armed monk I believe. A crude and somewhat overlarge figure, not a patch on the figures from the last several shows in my honest opinion. He'll be deployed in 1940 too, the Hermit of Blandings Forest perhaps.


  1. Hi David:

    I like the Carry On figures. You did a fine job with the faces. Are they commercially available? I would like to get them for a Weird War 2 project.

    1. They certainly are


  2. You have made a good job of these WK. Our next game will be "Carry On Don't Throw A One" then.

  3. You may already know that the BBC are to run a series of 'Blandings' stories sometime soon.