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Monday, 22 October 2012

Nearly there...

I've made some progress with my latest ECW unit of Perry Miniatures, a Parliamentary unit designated as Lord Walton's Foote. I've completed the pike block now and one of the sleeves of shotte { the second sleeve has four figures still to finish off.} A few snaps, taken on my camera phone.

I've also embarked on my latest rebasing madness: this time my two Foundry War of 1812 armies, again using the MDF bases from Foundry and from Warbases. More of that next month. In the meantime, I have those four musketeers to complete first...


  1. Nice work David, Adding the casualties to the base provides an air of drama.



  2. That's a nice looking unit, and you've painted them well. Foundry makes some good figures.

    1. They're Perry Miniatures I believe ... Mr.B is upgrading his fine collection ;-)