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Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Hanging Judge

Well, every Old West town needs the Law, and New Paddock City is no different in that respect to any other town. Here the Law is handed down by Judge Paddock, a "Hangin' Judge" in the best tradition! Of course, to carry out sentence the town needs its own gallows, and, without more ado here are some shots of the town's newest acquisition, a Gallows fit for the Old West...

The gallows is the latest kit from Battle Flag and is very easy to assemble. The working trap door is a nice touch!

The whole town seems to have gathered to witness the villain swing. Tying the hangman's noose in scale was NOT easy, but at the third attempt it was certainly worth it.

The undertaker's hearse is an old GW kit I think, a gift from many years back. In the picture Judge Paddock  'works the crowd', while Rev Jeremiah Bykleigh exhorts the sinner to repent at the eleventh hour...

A final shot of the scene before we draw a veil over the gruesome events of the day...

The MDF kits from Battle Flag are every gamer's dream I would think. All of the parts are accurately and cleanly cut, fitting together with almost no fuss first time. I've painted the interiors and exteriors of seven now and found no warping at all ~ using 'cheap' acrylic paints and old GW ink washes. This Gallows kit is no exception: it benefits from the usual clear illustrated instruction booklet which even I can follow! For the first time its planned to have no visible joints showing, something I know the purists will welcome ~ not that its bothered me I must say before. With this kit, my only problem was in tying the hangman's noose in scale with thin twine. Tricky; although Richard's emailed link to a You Tube demo made it a little easier.
Next up will be the Undertaker's kit ~ logical really. I hope to complete this and post it here before I go into hospital on 7 September { for a total knee replacement} and then move on to the Photographers ~ although I feel that may be my town's Courthouse. That will leave the large Hotel to finish off the assembly of the buildings I already have in stock. I think I have a bad case of  "New, New, Shiny,Shiny Syndrome"!


  1. Paul, the variety and sheer excellence of your work never ceases to amaze me! Brilliant, sir!!!

  2. When I saw the gallows being advertised I knew you wouldn't be able to resist.

    1. Well, its a bad case of "New, New; Shiny, Shiny!" I admit. Also great fun and easier on the eye than ECW figures!

  3. When I said hang em' high you took me at my word, the New Paddock City hangman is in for a bonanza at some point.

  4. Looking realy good !!!!

    best regards Michael

  5. Looking good, a great additi