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Monday, 18 July 2016

On the Plain before Peendeforde {1}

Phil duly came over early for our game today in order to dry brush and varnish the town square for me (see previous post). Even though we are only half way through our game, and won't get a chance to conclude it until 8 August, I thought I'd post an entry showing the town in action, so as to speak, in a Wars of the French Revolution setting. First though, "Take a bow, Mr Robinson!" as the town square gets its final coat of varnish after serial dry brushing!

The game features my collection for the Wars of the First Coalition, set in the Flanders theatre from 1793-1795. You may perhaps have seen the article I wrote on the project in the last two issues of Wargames Illustrated, but if you haven't you still have time to buy the issues! I commanded the Allies, defending around Peendeforde, and Phil the French assaulting the defences. We used Black Powder for our rules and set the length of the game at our usual 12 Turns. The French assault got underway in Turn 1 with Phil passing every command roll!!!

From the perspective of the Rohan Friekorps and the Hompesch Hussars, stationed on the Allied right flank, it all looks very threatening as the French military machine grinds towards the nervous defenders ~

A swirling cavalry melee soon develops on the Allied right, with fortunes ebbing and flowing, neither side being able to deal a crushing blow to the enemy! The Light Dragoons fall back 'Shaken'', their place in the line taken by the Hompesch Hussars. In the centre the French advance stalls for a turn or two under withering fire along the Allied line ~

On the Allied left a French skirmish screen and aggressively handled artillery allow the main Demi Brigades to advance with minimal losses! But French losses mount amongst the hordes of skirmishers and they are broken, along with one defending British battalion ~

All along the front the French advance courageously under heavy fire. Units are disordered but continue staunchly on the enemy! The Allies steel themselves for the coming tide of Frenchmen to break over their defences ~

In the safety of Peendeforde's town square the Duke of York directs the defence of the Allied position. The Dunwhinginn Fencibles hold the town's walls and gate against the French hordes advancing towards them ~

On the Allied left, another British battalion plugs the gap in the line and destroys the 4th Legere as their assault falls short with them shaken and disordered. {Their -4 in the Test left them no choice but to rout!} Turn 6 ends, along with the day's gaming, with the Allies holding their own, but with the French ominously poised for the final blow!

In fact, the heat finally proved too much for us,even in GHQ, and we repaired to the house for tea and cake. The game will continue on 8 August, pop back then to see who will win the plaudits!


  1. A fine game indeed, most enjoyable. Look forward to resuming the assault next month.
    The square looks like it will do ;-)

    1. Thanks again for your help with the square! The games not over yet though...

  2. A most splendid looking bash Mr.B.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment, Jon! Any news of a possible visit/game yet?

  3. Great looking game - good to see the 1790's on the table top. I use 15mm for mine, e.g.