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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Not the Grand Old Duke

I've been painting all sorts of late it seems amongst my ongoing Wars of the French Revolution project, but I thought I ought to show the progress I've made on that project first. They are all from Trent Miniatures of course, although some of the later 'British' troops were not sculpted by Matt. {You'll easily spot the more recent attempts I think!} First of all, the command base for the British army ~
Not the 'Grand Old Duke of York'

The mounted figure comes with three separate right arms ~ pointing with a sword, with a pistol and resting, which latter I chose to use this time. The foot figure is from the Artillery set. but I thought at least one figure on the base ought to be pointing to something!

Next up is the second Infantry regiment, the Iniskilling Regiment, the 27th Foot ~

Amongst these I've also painted an ACW command base, in this case for the Rebs. There were some Redoubt figures left over from the two 'Personality' conversions Matt did for me and I did n't know what I would do with them. Trevor of Dixon Miniatures kindly provided me with some spare heads for me to use instead of the Redoubt ones, the only aspect of their range I really don't like, and I had some spare Dixon horses to mount the appropriate figures on in stock. The result is pleasing to me, giving an extra Brigade command base with different figures from the rest, but fitting in with the look of my collections. Judge for yourself anyway ~

Finally, a Victorian gentleman from the older Foundry Victorian {or Wild West range?} to appear in our Great Detective game: Josiah Robinson, owner and overseer of the Empire Works ~

The other painting I mentioned has been featured over on the companion blog, Tales from Rhanzlistan in the form of personality figures for the 'Pulp Adventures' aspect of that world. Pop over to see those for yourself if you've time, the link is in the side bar.


  1. Very nice forces of the crown there and I love the commanders

  2. Excellent work and progress on the Brits, should not be long till you are doing French again :-)
    Like the work on my namesake too, bet he has less hair under the hat.
    Off to decipher text now >:(

    1. Thanks, Phil! Almost finished a unit of Dragoons now. Next up the 33rd Foot I think. As to hair, we'll pass that by for now...