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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Carronade 2014

Sue and I have been up to Scotland for a few days, giving us the opportunity to meet some good friends and me the opportunity to take in, albeit too briefly, the Carronade show at Falkirk. We had missed the last two years due to issues with health ~ my new knee and Sue being ill ruling out those planned visits. Happily we made it 'over the border' this year without any problems. From our base in The Hawes Inn at South Queensferry we managed to visit a number of places, including St Andrews ~ probably THE worst place in Britain to try to park your car ~ for the Bishop's castle and the cathedral ruins {including the mine and counter mine from a C16th siege which you can venture down}, Aberdour Castle, Cupar, Stirling, Culross and of course Carronade. I've taken a few pictures at the show, mainly to showcase my chum Kevin's ACW game, but with one or two others which took my fancy. But, a disclaimer first: with spending my limited time chatting with Kevin, Peter and Colin, combined with a tad of shopping, what I saw and snapped makes up but a brief slice of a much larger offering.

Anticipating the butcher's bill?

Rebs enter Westfield

The 3.10 from Richmond?

Westfield Station

Union troops move forward!

Artillery moves forward

Some other games which took my fancy on the day included Samurai game, a D Day game {complete with working lighthouse!}, and a large scale Napoleonic game :-
Samurai action from The Old Contemptibles

Bolt Action D Day from SESWC

Working lighthouse!

Durham's larger scale Napoleonic game

I mentioned a tad of shopping: some bespoke MDF bases from Warbases {for the buildings in The Great Detective game} thanks to martin and Diane and from Warlord an Imperial Japanese Army FOO set and a Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank.
Carronade is a busy and friendly show, well worth making the effort to visit if you get the chance. The bonus from my point of view is that I get to see games and meet fellow gamers who otherwise I might not encounter at more southerly shows shall I say. I always enjoy seeing the madcap participation games by the [now titled] Leuchars Veteran Wargamers; this year a Splendid Dambusters game complete with bomber cockpit to crouch in and rubber flying helmets to wear for the participants! It looked wonderful fun from the brief moments I saw!! Lots of other games, a Flea Market and traders by the lorry load. Do visit the show if you have the chance!


  1. Great photos of some nice no nonsense games.

    1. There were loads of good games on show, these were just a few I liked most really.