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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Burma '43 Additions

I've been having a rest from painting Wars of the French Revolution figures over the Bank Holiday weekend by working on a few additions to my Japanese WWII forces for our Bolt Action Burma 1943 games. At Carronade earlier in the month I bought a couple of items from Warlord's Trade Stand : a Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank and a Forward Observation Officer group. In my bits box I found an additional LMG set, so I decided to paint those as well.
Now, before you look further on please read this Disclaimer: 28mm WWII games using Bolt Action are always fun. But, for me at any rate, it is a minor involvement. I enjoy the games but neither want to spend a lot of money on the project, nor invest hours of valuable painting time on the figures and vehicles. So, with my Japanese and British forces for Burma what you see is what you get, a pretty basic job. Now you can proceed!
Firstly, two eye level shots of the LMG group, showing, I hope, the look I'm aiming for for my deployed weapons groups ~

Next, the Forward Observation Officer and his group ~

Finally, two shots of the tank. I should say that I dislike painting vehicles almost as much, if not more, than horses! So don't be too critical about all the bits I've skirted over please. The Type 97 Chi-Ha ~

I had a couple of issues with the tank. Firstly: the box clearly states that there is a tank commander included. There was none in my box! I emailed Warlord on May 12 and got an immediate automated response. Since then, nothing! So, my tank has no commander! Secondly: the turret plug to fit into the recess hole in the hull was far too long and misshapen to fit. I had to saw about 7mm off it with a jeweller's saw. It took a while! I mentioned that in my email too. So, two weeks and no response: pretty poor customer service in my opinion! Now, back to the 12th Regiment of Foot.


  1. Well they look jolly good to me old chap. Warlord, yes their customer service seems somewhat haphazard, for every dismal tale such as yours we hear also how well they have responded. Unfortunately its the negatives that stick, one hopes they look and learn.

    1. Look and Learn, I doubt that they even care!

  2. I like 'em. For not spending much time on them the bases are well detailed. My last two orders from Warlord have had pieces missing but the customer service was pretty good each time. I'm more annoyed that I have to keep chasing them for missing items. Perhaps its because they are expanding so fast with different ranges, I guess somethings got to give.

    1. Thanks, Mark! Not the first time that they've let me down though...