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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tales from the Sub Continent

"God, Carruthers, is there no end to the heat, the blasted flies, those damned Bhurpas?"
Well, no, not really. Instead, just a brief update on my very limited progress with my Back of Beyond project, the Rhawnzlistan Field Force, which I previewed in an earlier blog post while they were all in their pristine white undercoat stage. Despite the hot weather meaning that GHQ is often too warn for painting after about 10.00 a.m. I have something to show for the project.
Firstly, the South Staffords take the field, as they do in most of my armies. They are Copplestone Castings figures which proved easier to paint than I had thought before I applied the first brush full~

A closer view of the command element and the Lewis Gun section ~

A couple of machine guns and a spotter, all Copplestone Castings figures again ~

A Rolls Royce armoured car, probably by HLBS, but I've had it so long I can't really be sure ~

The Diplomatic Corps and a young Prince, the true heir to the throne of Rhawnzlistan. The figures are all from Pulp Miniatures ~

The first of the 'loyal' tribe of Bhurpas. Empress Miniatures Jazz Age figures ~

Finally, the Mad prophet of Rhawnzlistan, Mustaph Leahk. Again, all Pulp Miniatures ~

The movement trays are all from Warbases, whose service and product I heartily recommend to you! The texturing are all hobby products aimed at model railway enthusiasts and bought from Hobbycraft. The tufts are from Mininatur which are stocked by Mutineer amongst others. I'm working on more Bhurpas at the moment, as well as the free Warlord Japanese figure and some Foundry German sentries for 1940 games.


  1. A fine start there Old Boy, stalwart chaps abd shady types alike. Time for Tiffin what?

    1. Thanks, Phil! Warm enough to take to the hills I think, let alone some tiffin.

  2. Very nice work David but now get back and produce more Japanese tankettes to annoy Phil 8-)

    1. No plans for more tankettes, other things more urgent now.