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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

More from Japan, Zululand and the NHS

A few more pictures of the 'Japan in the Age of Wars' project, before our first skirmish tomorrow when Ono Onomoro will face his enemy, Shiro Komadorisai in mortal combat ~
The expanded home of our game's Hero.
Our Hero receives news of the enemy's approach.
The object of the attack perhaps?
Onomoro's Samurai guards practice their skills for battle.
Meanwhile, back in Zululand...
General Marshall and his Aide.
General Marshall.
His Aide.
NHS news now. I've recently had my six month knee review with my consultant. All very prompt and efficient I'm pleased to report. I am an A1 knee patient and making an above average recovery, so I'm chuffed. I walked two miles without my cane to celebrate! A knee replacement looks like this if you've never seen one~

Back to wargame related matter next...




  1. Congratulations on being A1. Great looking Samurai as well.

    All the best


    1. Thanks, Airhead!Much appreciated

  2. Is General Marshal a conversion or a purchase? If a purchase, where did you find the figure?

  3. Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. Congrats on reaching a ton of followers too.

  4. Thanks Phil! Hope to see you next month, before Salute as well.