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Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Mixed Bag

One thing is certain about wargaming, it gets you out and about the world, even if only in miniature! In the past ten days we've been in up country Vietnam; the veld of South Africa; and the far west of the USA, and all without leaving the comfort of GHQ! A few pictures and accompanying thoughts on three very different games. First up, a return after a long absence to Vietnam, triggered by the new Bolt Action rules and an article in the latest WSS.
A typical table for our ventures in Vietnam, with an army base in the foreground and a village in the middle distance. But, 'Where is Charlie?'

Well, clearly not in the village.

In fact, making a surprise assault on the base's perimeter. All in vain though in the end, a the Free World Forces drove of the attacks.

While the patrol swept the village clear of more VC, although Medivac was busy...

Then off to the veld of South Africa, where a Boer Trek was the subject of unwelcome attentions from the local Zulu chief, Bykelezi M'Tubi. A Boer scout reports in...

Though by then the Boer column seems to have got the picture for themselves.

The odds looked bad for the Boers, but again they made it of the table leaving little plunder and many dead Zulus, again.

Back in the Old West, the good guys always wore a white hat in the Saturday Matinee!

The bad guys always seemed to lurk in dark corners...

Or down dark alleys where heroes walked tall.

Or fired from windows as the hero passed by.

But somehow, they always ended up dead...

The truth is I lost the Vietnam game to Jon; the AZW games to Jon and Phil on successive days; and managed to cling on in the Old West against Phil for a draw ~ four deputies and four of the Dusst gang gunned down, Jed Dusst escaping, though having two wounds, with one surviving gang member; Sheriff Twerp with four wounds being helped to safety by old Stumpy and one other deputy! All great fun though with great company and cake! Not much rates better than that I find in my hobby.


  1. Heh, sounds like you have had a great outing gaming, I rarely get more than a game or two in at a time unless go to a tournement for 40k...

  2. Splendid reminders of a great days gaming.

    1. Yes, a great day's gaming, Phil! See you on Friday I hope.