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Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Undertaker opens for business

I've added another building to New Paddock City, my Old West town. Again it's from the excellent Battle Flag range of laser cut MDF models.

The Hearse is an old GW model I think, with horses from Dixon & the man himself from Foundry.

The building features a mortuary annex on the one side and an external first floor staircase on the opposite side. It also has a removable upper floor and roof. As Frontline have just bought out some resin pieces it will soon be furnished like the other town buildings.


  1. Nice finishing Mr. B. The Dust Clan will be happy to provide cutomers for said establishment in the not distant future.

  2. very nice - the mortuary annex is a cool idea.

  3. Great work David. Some great scenarios can be done with this wagon.



  4. Thanks everyone! Am about to start another building, NHS permitting!