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Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Paddock City 1887

Ever since I was a small child, I've always enjoyed a good cowboy film: from the era of the 9d seats in the 'Saturday Morning Matinee'; through the era of John Wayne movies; to the 'Spagetti Western' genre, and beyond. I decided on a whim, having sold off my 'scratch built' Old West town, to venture back into the Old West and build a new town: New Paddock City, 1887 to be precise. My excuse is that I was beguiled by the wonderful adverts I saw, in magazines and on various Internet sites, for the MDF building range offered by Battle Flag. I've so far assembled, painted and furnished seven of the Battle Flag buildings { and one from the old H G Walls range}. The furnishings are all in resin from Frontline Wargaming and, I think, set off the buildings and figures beautifully. Take the Tour and see what you think...

Homemade 'Town Limits' sign adorned by some skulls from Dixon Miniatures.

The town of New Paddock City as it was early in 1887. 'Boot Hill' in the right foreground was made a long time ago, as was the gallows...

The noon stage rolls into town, passing the offices of the local newspaper, the 'Paddock City Observer Times'.
The stage is a wonderful model from Dixon Miniatures.

The town has a small, but growing, Commercial District to serve the needs of its honest citizens.

The local lawmen, the Twerps, keep the honest citizen safe...or not.

The town's 'Entertainment District' is growing too. "Madame Moustache's House of Pleasure" is opening soon! It seems the Rev Jeremiah Bykleigh is none too happy about that!
The 'Aces High' Saloon is already doing a roaring trade! Sneakin' Pete Sabo faces off with Doc Green!
Well, that's the tour over for now folks! Figures and waggons are mostly from Dixon Miniatures, supplemented by a few from the older Wargames Foundry range. The street detritus is mostly from Hovels nice range of goods.


  1. Sweet! Wished ya lived near Florida I would love to play some games on this amazing scenery!

  2. Lovely little town you got there, very inspirational !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. Beautiful buildings very impressive

  4. excellent work , a joy to view

  5. Wow!

    How did you do the signs for the buildings? They're quite impressive!

    1. The 'Aces High' is a Battleflag transfer, as is Sheriff's; most others are Foundry downloads, but the town limits sign & newspaper office sign I made with Word.

  6. Brilliant collection David, well done.



  7. Mighty fine town developing there judge, shall have a mosey on down on the 3.10 from Yuma, quicker than the stagecoach, I hope to be there by high noon, trust the Madame's place will be open, I have a fistful of dollars to spend. The rest of the brothers are riding down, I didn't join them as I didn't want to end up with a rawhide. In the mean time hang em' high.

    J. Dust

    1. As I believe I said elsewhere, that's just dreadful Phil! But, full marks for trying...

  8. Replies
    1. Thank You, David! Liked the latest Irish on your Blog!