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Friday, 22 June 2012

Let us cross over to the other side...

A few phone camera shots from this morning's Black Powder ACW game played over at Jon's, utilizing his marvellous figures and terrain boards. I wish the photos were better really, they don't do it justice. Anyway, Jubal E Bykleigh's Good Ol' Boys had eight turns to drive Those People back across the river.
Jon's figures are a mixture of Renegade and Redoubt, with some head swaps here and there and sport the fine GMB flags. The church is a Mick Sewell scratchbuilt model. Now, the action...

Jubal E Bykleigh leads his men forward!

The Irish Brigade boldly advances into the storm of Reb fire...

Major General Thaddeus J Whyte dabbles his toes in the waters. Seven turns later, he and his Brigade were still trying to cross over!

The gallant boys of the South Carolina brigade march to glory! Are you sensing a result yet?

The Union centre disolves in the face of a determinded charge!

Overview of the table at the conclusion of turn 7, and of the game. Union troops in rout unable to stem the tide of the Confederate advance! Time for a Rebel Yell I think...


  1. How did you find Black Powder, David? And what make are the figures? Great pics, btw!

    1. We enjoy BP games, Giles. They are suitably light hearted for our approach. Of course, I prefer Bull Run to Gettysburg myself...
      PS It says what make figs are in main text ~ oops? Infantry are Renegade, artillery Redoubt with Renagade heads I think, but they are all Jon's, mine are all Dixon of course...

  2. I was surprised you weren't using your own rules I can't imagine BP giving any ACW flavour to the game.

  3. I was playing over at Jon's, Dave: the host chooses the rules...
    I quite enjoy BP games on the whole, never take them too seriously though.