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Monday, 12 March 2012

WMMS, Camels, Flags and Failure

Phil and I went along to WMMS yesterday. I have a long standing affection for this show having been, along with Phil and Pete Bellingham, the organiser of the first several incarnations of the show at the old Alumwell School in Walsall. Like many similar events I attend, I am increasingly finding the anticipation out plays the experience. I think its a combination of factors myself which lead me into this dead end so many times. Regretfully, one of these is my ageing eyesight, which sadly means I often don't see the splendid features of so many display games ~ until someone posts the pictures they took on their Blog pages! Hence, no pictures from me! On the plus side I did meet some old and good friends and exchanged news and views as well as purchasing most of the bits on my LIST ~ does that make me a sad old thing I wonder, that I need lists now.

Purchases included a unit of ECW Foote by the Perrys, from Dave Thomas {I think a lot of shows might struggle without him and Dave Ryan at Caliver trundling their stands along you know.}; an 80mm German mortar & crew from Crusader; four new ECW flags sets by GMB from Bicorne; Battlegames 28 from Caliver Books; some flowery tufts and a Gustavus Adolphus from Warlord; and finally a pot of Dried Earth Basetex from Coritani! Last of the big spenders I don't think...

I do try hard to enjoy looking at the games, I will have to make a bigger effort I think. I liked the look of the Jack the Ripper game with lovely terrain and game masters in 'period dress' ~ good show, chaps! Also I'd like to especially mention Dave Page and his group from Kinver. Dave always has something interesting on show in his games, Loos 1915 this time. They may not be the most ' scenic ' of games, but for me they capture wonderfully the look of most people's games in their homes or at clubs. Long may he continue! Regretfully other games passed me by and I feel I'm missing out here, so have resolved to try to be more attentive of other folks' efforts. Mind you, my next venture will be to Salute, at a venue I strongly dislike for dwarfing games...

Painting in GHQ has been trundling along steadily. I've added some camel gunners and a mounted commander for the Raja of Rhanli's forces in our Indian Mutiny games, all from Foundry ~

For my Anglo Zulu War collection I've finally added the colour party sets, even though the lovely folk at Empress have still to do a colours set for the 13th ~

Finally, today we've been playing a Late Roman Civil War game using the Hail Caesar! rules. Our game lasted for seven turns and I came second! I've included a picture or two to finish. Perhaps anyone who is interested might look Phil up and ask him about my cavalry and his ballista...

Pompus Maximus, a most unlucky commander ... at least where the dice are concerned.

My Heavy cavalry failing to beat some chaps with a ballistsa.... Oh Dear!

A "corner of some foreign field"...at least I still had a couple of units on the table at this stage! Just!

I do like the stable of rules from the creators of Black Powder/Hail Caesar!, so I'm looking forward to getting a copy of Pike and Shotte at Salute. So, I must get on with painting some figures for the ECW again soon...

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  1. Go on Phil tell us about his cavalry and ballista ........