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Friday, 10 March 2023

Freitag's Jägers' artillery piece

The Hanoverian segment of my SYW expansion project comes to an end here with the completion of a light gun and crew figures assigned to Freitag's Jägers, who featured in the previous blog entry you may recall. Eventually the foot companies had a total of three 4lb Swedish guns to attach to their number. As the Front Rank artillery pieces are largely generic I chose to represent these with a Galloper Gun so it would easily stand out in a game. You may disagree of course with my choice and/or reasoning, but it works for me ~

The choice of figures was not easy either, as from various references it was unclear if the three guns were crewed by Jägers or by seconded artillery personnel. In the end I chose to use two British artillerymen as for the other guns, but painted not in the anticipated Dragoon Blue, rather in the Jägers' Forest Green. My choice of figures for the crew was governed really by wanting them to look as if they were serving the gun but be obviously a part of the Jäger unit. Again, you might differ from me but I hope you can follow my line of thought. Whatever, this part of the expansion project is now concluded, on to figures not wearing tricorns for a break I think! Oh and it's WMMS on Sunday after an hiatus of three years!


  1. Cracking figures and very sound reasoning.
    Looking forward to seeing the next post

  2. Well we all need more artillery !

  3. A fine unit there for the Jagers and I completely agree with your reasoning David:).

  4. A fine finish to this section of the expansion.

  5. A lovely looking battalion gun.


  6. Looking good David…
    The green uniforms and the red gun carriage make for a nice colourful unit…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Much appreciated support of my meagre efforts, thanks.