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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

British Blustering and Posturing!

Things have been a tad hectic here in GHQ this last week or so. Sue was rushed to hospital two weeks ago with acute appendicitis, operated on, cared for in New Cross and finally discharged to my care last Wednesday. Needless to say painting and gaming with little metal chaps was not a high priority. But, Sue is making good progress post surgery and so I felt able to host Phil this Monday for our regular game. My choice was a SYW game, which I would have played with Jon but for the aforementioned medical incident! As ever, a photomontage to try to convey a sense of the unfolding action ~
Lord Rawnsley oversees the deployment of his army for the
coming action!

Le Comte du Merde similarly directs the French deployment.

A rash charge by the Scots Greys sees them routed by the 
Mestre de Camp regiment! A significant action in the game's
outcome withhindsight!

Lord Rawnsley's failures in early Command rolls handed the
initiative to du Merde's forces.

French cavalry secures the infantry's right flank allowing
unopposed deployment into firing line.

The British Horse Guards and Horse Grenadiers were very
loathe to enter the action. This exposed the British infantry's
left flank to the threat of French cavalry.

The French mass for an attack as the British hesitate!

The Cuirassiers du Roi advance on the hesitant British cavalry.

The British infantry is pinned by the threat of the French and
refuses its left flank brigade.

British cavalry finds itself outnumbered two to on the army's
left flank and has no appetite for the struggle, leaving the
infantry stranded.

The French Guard and Line Infantry Brigades advance in close
support of one another.

Lord Rawnsley decides to withdraw from the field, feeling his
position is hopeless.

Vive Le Roi! Vive du Merde! The French claim the field of
Battle as the British army quits the field in good order!

As I’ve previously stated, I was mulling over a new project for 2019, the WSS was in pole position in my thinking. In the end I settled for an expansion of my SYW collection as I couldn’t face two whole armies it seemed! I have reinvested the funds raised by selling on my Vietnam War 20mm game, so no overall hit to the warchest, as yet...


  1. Wonderful looking SYW game and figures. Speedy recovery to Sue, too!

  2. Bad luck old bean! Colourful game as ever.

  3. Lovely looking SYW armies and scenery! I hope the recovery is rapid and your nursing duties not to onerous!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. Kind sentiments much appreciated .

  4. A nice looking game Mr.B. As you know I think expanding your the SYW is the better option especially as I've lots of WSS already so we can always game with my stuff ;-)

    1. Thanks Jon! We will try your WSS in the new year if you like.

  5. All I can say is it was a good job that hill was wooded :~)

    1. Yes, it foiled my underhanded Gallic plan somewhat on my left flank .

  6. What a lovely looking game David and best of recovery to your wife!


    1. Thanks on both counts Christopher, Sue is doing well.

  7. Those are two seriously good looking armies.

    1. That's very kind George. I've just started the 23rd Foot for the SYW game.

  8. Lovely looking game and collection, I am sure there is a saying that “an expansion is as good as a rest”?

    1. If there wasn't, well there is now! Thanks is for the positive response to my efforts Matt.