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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Despair at Fort Desperation

Three weeks on from my discharge after the hip replacement operation  Phil and I met up in GHQ for a second try at the Black Powder F&IW game, with Phil commanding the British and yours truly the French. We employed the same modifications and additions to the rules as in the previous game, mainly to test out their possible inclusion in other periods we play using them, though the British added some support from a Great Lakes sloop. The French won the initiative dice off, at the third attempt, and proceeded to fail all Command rolls in their first turn! Pretty much the story of the whole game from my perspective. The game lasted 15 turns in about 21/2 hours and the following pictures capture the flow rather nicely I feel ~
While the irregulars and the Paddoquoi warriors make their opening move the
French regulars and artillery do not enter the table! In contrast the British 
seize the high ground blocking the route to the fort!

The Woodsmen fail to each their objective and the Regulars are able to
refuse their flank! Their Light Company hurry to cover the flank but are
attacked by a band of Paddoquoi.

Settlers from the lakeside village defend their homes from French Canadian
militia. For several turns neither side could hit the barn door!

At last the French Regulars enter the table but fail to deploy into firing line!
Yet another awful Command roll! The artillery blunder forward so cannot
fire! The Woodsmen are unable to break the Regulars and the Light Company
sees off the Paddoqoi! Sacre Bleu!

Just as the Paddoquoi war party lands to attack the village HM Sloop Achilles
rakes the landing area with canister. Mon Dieu!

The British Regulars are 'Shaken' so the French rush in with the bayonet!
"A Moi! A Moi!" Now as a result of the Hand-to-Hand combat they are
'Shaken' as well! Merde!

Both sides must test Morale. Both fail and Route! The British leave the table,
and the game, but the French may try to Rally! The Light Company are routed
by the Woodsmen while along the waterfront the Paddoquoi are holding their
own against Robinson's Rangers and the settlers.

In Turn 14 it looks all up for the British, the way to the fort lies undefended!
Mais naturellement de Bykli fails his Command rolls allowing the rallied 
Light Company and a Company of Rangers to enter the fort!

Turn 15 sees the French Regulars rally, but too far from the fort to effect the
outcome. While the Paddoquoi war party has seized the village elsewhere the
French cause est perdu! From a French win to a British triumph in one turn!
C'est le Guerre mes amis!

I was shattered after about two and a quarter hours of play, but also elated to have played a game much sooner than I thought possible before the operation! I've also been able to start some short painting sessions this week and have almost finished a Command base for my mercenary Landsknechts in the pay of Cesare Borgia and the service of the Papal States army. Phil will be here tomorrow again and we hope to have a go at Wings of War, the WWII version. Now, time for my nap I think...


  1. A most fine and enjoyable game, the pics and captions describe the course of the action admirably. With regard to the barn door, I think that is all they did hit :~)

  2. PS. Your stamina was admirable too, more so than the French troops anyway.

    1. As you noticed today though, stamina much reduced!

  3. A great looking game David...

    I’m glad to see that you are on the mend...
    playing with your toys... the best medicine ever...

    All the best. Aly

    1. Indeed, Aly, the restorative power of hobby time and friends is not to be underestimated.

  4. A great looking game indeed, love this beautiful table, the coast is just superb!

  5. Lovely looking game, good to hear your on the mend, don't overdo it!
    Best Iain

    1. I am taking each day as it comes. A gentler day today, but no less fun!

  6. Excellent looking game David a good to hear your getting better!


    1. I am progressing better than I dared to hope, so am very chuffed. But, I remain conscious of the risks and try to pace myself accordingly.

  7. You'll soon be doing a full weekend at this rate.

    1. Now that s very optimistic George. I think I'll leave that to you younger folk for now at least!