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Friday 22 December 2017

From the Lead Foothills...

...to the tabletop battlefield! I’ve finished two units of Perry Miniatures AWI American militia. They are both from Virginia for game purposes, as we mostly seem to set the AWI games in the northern theatre. They do include though a number of ‘southern’ figures in shirt sleeve order, just for a different look to the unit. I got the flags for these two new units when they were free downloads, though now I see they are sold through the League of Augsburg site ~ well, that’s a stereotypical Jock for you I suppose ~

I've also added some artillery in the shape of a Continental 6lb gun and crew from Foundry and an amusette vignette from Perry Miniatures. These were painted by Phil for me ~

This leads me nicely to the point I’d like to make. Both the militia and the gun crews are the work of Alan and Michael Perry, but in my opinion the quality of the older Foundry product far exceeds those more recent castings from Perry Miniatures. Same sculptors but different mold makers and casters of course. I’m not the most talented painter, I know that, but it does help no end when the moulding is clean and the castings are crisp and flash free. The next units I’ll add to the AWI expansion for these reasons are all from Foundry; two units of British Line Infantry regulars and one of Light Infantry, followed by two units of Continental Infantry also from Foundry. Since striking out on their own Alan and Michael may have produced more animated figures, but much detail seems lost in the production process to me. And let’s not touch on the issues of mold lines, flash, rogue metal lumps and endless vent runs which plague their figures. Of course, I still considered their figures when expanding the project, I’ve some 16th Light Dragoons in stock which I shall hope to paint at some point in 2018, unless Phil relents that is...

I’ve also completed three bases of Confederate dismounted cavalry skirmishing, by Dixon Miniatures of course, who else’s figures would I buy? I need to order some guidons though from GMB as I’ve run out!

And finally, a BEF 2” mortar team for our 1940 Operation Zeelowe/Blandings/VBCW Games. The figures this time are from Warlord Games ~

I’m coming round to the idea that my style of painting, if I can call it that, and my aging eyesight combined with the arthritis in the painting hand, lead me to find some sculpting styles easier to work with than others. In the meantime, on with more Warlord Games BEF in the form of two 2 man Bren Gun teams.


  1. Nice stuff a productive end to 2017....the clean castings do Kane a huge difference. Santa is bringing me a new BEF infantry unit but I have decided to go with Crusader minatures as they produce a lovely simple sculpt.

  2. A fine looking body of rebellious malcontents there Mr. B.
    Fun playing spot the vent run when your painting them isn't it ;~)2

  3. I found the same problems with Saxon Miniatures, or the original bunch at least. I find myself with the same painting problems as well, snap.

  4. Lovely mix of periods and manufactures, I find warlord to have more flash than Perry figures, maybe I've just been lucky? I think your still getting a good finish btw.
    Best Iain

    1. Just my experience Iain, no more valid than yours or anyone else’s. Glad you find my work up to the mark though.