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Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Battle of Bridgnorth Road

Inspired by a recent epic ECW game here in GHQ I planned a similar game setting for my VBCW campaign set in and around Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire and for new GHQ Irregular Derek to have a second bite at Bolt Action 2 rules. The game envisages a strike on force setting off from Whitwick Manor, lead by the Mander family, towards Bridgnorth. It just so happens that Militias from Tettenhall have got wind of this development and, supported by a BUF contingent from the Bilston Steel Division, plan to surprise the Manders.
The table layout features just the Bridgnorth Road as it meanders through South Staffordshire flanked by rich farmland divided by thick hedges and rickety fences and dotted with agricultural buildings, a roadside garage, a public house and copses of trees. The view towards Bridgnorth ~

The view looking towards Tettenhall along the Bridgnorth Road.

A Wolverhampton Corporation bus en route to Bridgnorth, just local colour.

The Chillington Mounted Rifles secure the garage and its supplies.

The BUF Bilston Steel Division move on their flank. Mander's forces seize
the supplies at the Red Lion. One Victory point in the bag!

The Chillington Rifles surprise the Hilton Main Miners and knock them out
of the action over two turns.
The Mander's Machine Gun Company sets itself up to cover the attack on
Home Farm and its double supplies.

The BUF flank the Red Lion and hope to help the Rifles roll up the units on
Mander's flank.

Fighting for Home Farm and its supplies swings first one way and then the

Despite loosing the miners on his right flank, Mander's forces seize the farm's
supplies in Turn 7.

Despite losing units covering both flanks Mander, played by Derek, was able to seize three Victory points of supplies by Turn 8 leaving two Victory points held by the Reactionaries from Tettenhall and three Victory points unclaimed by either side. The game ended in a draw in Turn 9, Swindley, played by yours truly, holding the garage and threatening the farm and Mander holding the Red Lion and the farm.
Peace returns to rural South Staffordshire...
...until the next time that s.


  1. Splendid stuff love the bus and the tractor hiding in the field.....I have tried to find a tractor to a scale I can live with am yet to find one 😀

  2. a wonderful looking game David. When is the train to make an appearance?

    1. I have the train scheduled for a November game once I sort out the Oxley Railway Worker Column.

  3. Looks great and nice to see Wolverhampton corporation are able to keep public transport going in spite of the little local difficulties!
    Best Iain

  4. Wonderful table, love the terrain and vehicles...

    1. Thanks Phil, nice to have my efforts appreciated.

  5. Greenhouses, a Boozer and a Pre-War tractor what more could a person ask for in a VBCW game .... splendid stuff!